An investment that counts (and that the Panda loves).

Let’s face it: marketing can be daunting. There are myriad platforms and channels in existence today that promise to elevate your brand’s message and core values above the rest. Choosing which outlets to leverage requires militant focus and research; what works for one company will not fit all.

What does marketing in the 2010s look and sound like?

  • Responsive
  • Authentic
  • Authoritative
  • Mobile
  • Succinct
  • Integrated
  • Discoverable

If your communications plan is lacking in these characteristics, your brand will be obscured by the nebulous cloud of the competition.

the nebulous clouds of the competition can obscure unprepared marketing plans.

Don’t let your creative light be snuffed by innovative competition!

So, marketing maven, what are the top 3 things I need to shine?

Pretty simple:

  • An irrefutable, relevant and creative brand identity.
  • A content-rich website through which to deploy that message.
  • A video to quickly share the message across channels.

It’s a pretty obvious fact that you need your content optimized. Google is evolving, and this Panda doth not survive on bamboo shoots alone. It yearns for contributions that smack of authenticity. Rankings belong to those who enrich the online community with textual and visual anecdotes that enhance the overall online presence and experience.

How can DreamCapture Media help my brand’s online ubiquity?

Professional video is an investment in your brand’s professional image. It’s just like grade school: everyone wants to dress to impress in the most relevant labels and styles. The same is true for your marketing efforts. If you don’t make an impression on today’s informed and empowered consumer, your outdated brand “wardrobe” will become lost in time.

We want to ensure our clients can make the most of their video investment. It’s not inexpensive, and without the proper post-production optimization, it isn’t going to work for you.

That’s why we’ve designed our VideoSEO package:

  • DreamCapture Media conceptualizes and produces your videos;
  • the videos are edited for website integration;
  • our friends at Fringe Digital Marketing Agency take the reins to professionally optimize your videos.
  • The results:
  • Google hearts your videos;
  • Consumers find your videos when they search for your business;
  • Because video converts at a rate that is 6x higher than text, consumers become clients.


Make the most of your marketing budget with this competitive package which will elevate your marketing dollars and your digital communications plan above the rest.

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