the value of professional video production increases with optimization. An investment that counts (and that the Panda loves). (8/23/2014)- Let’s face it: marketing can be daunting. There are myriad platforms and channels in existence today that promise to elevate your brand’s message and core values above the rest. Choosing which outlets to leverage requires militant focus and research; what works for one company will not fit all. What does marketing in the 2010s look […]
Ben Moore on location for a promotional video shoot. Video: Now making your workplace safer. (8/11/2014)- As a marketing manager, I am a big advocate of services which return to my client the greatest and most measurable “bang for their buck.” The same thing goes for clients who want to leverage technologies and solutions to foster a more efficient, secure and productive workplace environment. We live in a nimble, fast-paced, “noisy” […]
Drones can be incorporated into traditional video production while creating new opportunities in the industry. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s your next video project. (7/22/2014)- Recently, DreamCapture’s owner, Ben Moore, had the pleasure of encountering Dmitriy Molla, a fellow entrepreneur in the visual media biz. Dmitriy, along with his brother, founded FlyWorx, which has quickly become an industry leader spanning three states in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) video production and photography. Born in Atlanta, GA, FlyWorx has a local office […]
Supportive peers encourage success in both the workplace and personal endeavors! Building the “Power” in “Power Group” (7/7/2014)- I believe when you are an outside sales professional, there are two types of crucial relationships to cultivate with sincerity and aplomb. One is with your potential clients. The other is with peers who genuinely support your endeavors. The reason behind cultivating the latter is simple: you can’t do it alone, and support from like-minded […]
Your company brand can achieve household notoriety when you're omnipresent. Creating a brand that’s a household name (6/26/2014)- We all know what “household names” are: classic icons who made a profound, indelible impact on the world and society as we know it. A household name can be a timeless actress (Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe or Ava Gardner), an unforgettable British royal (Princess Diana), a television show (True Blood or The Sopranos) or a […]
Video inspires consumer value When Loyalty Fades, It’s Time to Teach (6/11/2014)- Recently, we attended a meeting with a digital marketing consulting firm which specializes in teaching the value of a product or service to the consumer. This is an interesting concept, as historically, quantifying value is a daunting idea to attempt and explain. It’s especially challenging during a time of recession, where the general public is […]
Engaging content is derived from creative video elements. Crafting “Crafty” Content for Video! (6/4/2014)- As a marketing and sales manager, I attend a lot of coffee meetings and engage with a diverse group of professionals and peers. It’s a fantastic job for a high-energy extrovert who loves a good cup of joe and stimulating conversation. I find it equally rewarding to learn about other local businesses and discover the […]
Videos, like pancakes, satisfy consumer hunger. Videos and Pancakes (5/29/2014)- HOW GOOD IS A GREAT VIDEO? BETTER THAN PANCAKES.   No, really. It blows the iHop special out of the water.   We’ve all been there. It’s late morning on a Saturday, you’re famished, nothing in the fridge looks halfway appealing and the thought of pancakes are triggering a Pavlovian response.   It’s time to […]
Professional video creates a timeless memory. Wedding Story (5/23/2014)- About a year ago, a very dear friend of mine invited me over for dinner at her home in Portland. Her boyfriend was at New Seasons Market picking up delicious provisions for our meal that evening, and she decided his temporary absence marked the perfect time to tell me something huge.   She asked me […]
Rock your audience with professional local video production Rock Story (5/22/2014)- The musician approaches the stage, enshrouded in an eerie, almost ethereal dark light. His PRS S2 Custom 22 hangs majestically around his shoulder, the fretboard cradled in his fingers. The stage vibrates with the pulsating scream of the crowd, bellowing their support, fringed with frenetic energy. It’s as though the world hangs in suspense, desperately […]
Eight out of ten cats prefer professional video production. Your Cat Wants You To Use Professional Video (5/22/2014)- (no really, she does). Before you assume this a blog featuring the ubiquitous cat video, please give me a chance to dispell that hasty speculation. Yes, the title has “cat” in it. Yes, I will discuss cats briefly. However, there will be no feature presentation of a cat endearingly fighting with its reflection, nor a […]


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