Rock Story

The musician approaches the stage, enshrouded in an eerie, almost ethereal dark light. His PRS S2 Custom 22 hangs majestically around his shoulder, the fretboard cradled in his fingers. The stage vibrates with the pulsating scream of the crowd, bellowing their support, fringed with frenetic energy. It’s as though the world hangs in suspense, desperately awaiting the opening riffs, like manna for their soul.

Yeah? You like that?

Now imagine if you could watch that description again, and again, and again.

DreamCapture Media travels well. We pack our cameras, lights and equipment neatly into their individual black coverings and hit the road. Sounds like a tour bus containing your favorite rock star celebrity. Well, kinda.

With over ten years’ experience in the field, we’ve learned how to deploy our equipment to facilitate discreet event filming that distills the live action into a high definition memory.

We go the extra mile to achieve concert-quality sound in your live event video. We nimbly navigate the paperwork that allows us to plug into the artist’s soundboard. We will just need to receive the licensing from management or other appropriate representation.

Recently, we even incorporated live web streaming into our repertoire – just for those fans who can’t make it to the show. Sick at home, clad in bunny slippers? Tickets weren’t in the monthly budget? Couldn’t get out of work? Don’t panic. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the live web feed of your favorite show.

We’re music fans too – Ben loves a good guitar riff. Once, he almost traveled to Russia to catch a show featuring one of his favorite bands of all time. So we get it. Music fuels us. It puts everything into perspective. It evaporates stress, or panic or frustration with life. It speaks to our soul.

Rock on with a memory that doesn’t fade, even after the tour bus is long gone down that winding road.

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