In the northwest, we’re all about being on a first-name basis with people. It’s what makes our community so sustainable and cohesive.

Choosing a marketing partner implies trust: not only in their quality of work, but in them. After all, they are taking your passion and sharing it with the world. Constructing and deploying a brand identity is intimate.

You know your farmer, your gardener, your restaurateur; heck, you might even know your winemaker.

You should also know your videographer.

Getting to know DreamCapture Media comes with a set of ten guarantees:

  1. We listen. It is all about you, and how we can help broaden your unique message’s reach visually.
  2. We care. You are the creator of your organization, and that is something special. We cultivate our relationship with you first. This facilitates a culture of shared respect and integrity when conducting business.
  3. We are relevant. Ben likes digital cinema technology, and he studies up on his craft. Often. When you contract with DreamCapture Media, your business will be treated to only the latest and greatest in video production equipment and techniques.
  4. We are portable. We travel well. Got a project in Las Vegas, Houston, Seattle or New York City? No problem.
  5. We have an on-site production studio that is set up for green screen filming and production. Set your appointment, walk into the office and complete your project. We are flexible around your schedule.
  6. We are experienced. With ten plus years in the business, DreamCapture Media is a cinematic all-star.
  7. We are affordable and understand how to budget for projects big and small. Video production isn’t just for the big corporate guys: we remain committed to strengthening our community by making video production accessible to all.
  8. Got writer’s block? We can alleviate the creative roadblock. Our in-house scripting team can turn your ideas into messaging that flows.
  9. If we haven’t done it before, we’ll make it happen.DreamCapture Media comes with an extensive referral network. If you want a particular element within your project, rest assured you’ll receive it. Just ask.
  10. We’re always open to scheduling an informal chat. No sign-up required. Let’s learn from each other. We really like food. C’mon, it’s the Northwest! We especially like pancakes.See previous blog.


10 Reasons to choose us.