Video: Now making your workplace safer.

As a marketing manager, I am a big advocate of services which return to my client the greatest and most measurable “bang for their buck.” The same thing goes for clients who want to leverage technologies and solutions to foster a more efficient, secure and productive workplace environment. We live in a nimble, fast-paced, “noisy” environment where messages must be succinct and powerful to have an impact.

It’s no wonder I am so passionate about the myriad ways professional video can transmit meaningful messages quickly and with remarkable retaining power.

Statistics confirm that video converts web traffic at a rate that is six times higher than text alone. Every minute (yes, that’s sixty seconds) of video communicates the same amount of context and meaning as one million words. Imagine if you could say a million words to your employees every day. Your verbosity might not be the most productive tool!

Recently, I read an article published by 6Strong Media which disseminates some great information on video’s correlation with workplace safety. It suggests the most effective form of workplace safety training comes in the form of a video. This is especially crucial to employers who have historically high turnover rates. Asking the CEO or head of HR to personally officiate each and every new hire orientation detracts from their own productivity and is frankly a waste of time. Videos can be retained and edited at a cost effective price to stay relevant even when policies and procedures change. They cover a large amount of material in a concise deliverable, incorporating OSHA regulations and employer policies in a medium that is both interactive and informative.

Forbes tells us tablets have left an indelible mark on the workplace, improving functionality, allowing for seamless portability and interaction with clients and business partners. From tradeshows to business presentations, the lightweight tablet facilitates simple, colorful sharing. Video is inbound marketing’s best friend, and can be easily viewed in a tablet-friendly resolution, making your next presentation lightweight, dextrous and eye-catching.

I invite business owners to take a look at professional video for their next endeavor and contact us if they need a local resource for creating, improving or collaborating on a visual media project.

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