Videos and Pancakes




No, really. It blows the iHop special out of the water.


We’ve all been there. It’s late morning on a Saturday, you’re famished, nothing in the fridge looks halfway appealing and the thought of pancakes are triggering a Pavlovian response.


It’s time to start the car and feast on pancakes.


Lo, the stack of pancakes, one perched precariously on top of another, like a culinary Leaning Tower of Pisa. Hot off the griddle, dripping with luscious, buttery syrup that would make any Canadian proud. The sweet steam is wafting into your quivering nostrils. Am I making you hungry?


I thought so. Now, hold onto your seat (and your fork).


What if I could convince you there exists something far superior to that moment that hangs suspended in midair – the moment between taking your first bite of those griddle cakes and savoring the velvety texture and exquisite taste?


Aye, there’s the rub. (Thanks, Shakespeare).


Let me entice you with a new entree – that of promotional video. Arresting, informative, integrated and persuasive. A medium that converts your curious website visitors into loyal, repeat clients.


Do I have you yet?


We exist today in a media-rich environment that does not favor the lengthy, verbose advertisements of yore. Simply put: nobody has time to read that. You only get sixty seconds to change someone’s mind; one minute to convince them they are remiss in not purchasing your product or service.


Promotional video guarantees engagement with your brilliantly constructed content because it’s delivered quickly and visually. It’s tailored to fit into your life across devices – from your smartphone to your computer screen. Since you only get a moment to communicate your message to an audience, you’re only going to say what really matters, and it’s going to be provoking, punchy and clever.


Most importantly, however; video communicates what you cannot. It shows your audience who you are. And that’s the most important sell.


We humans are visual creatures. We are constantly observing each other and making judgments based on nonverbal cues. In a recent TED talk, Amy Cuddy suggests it only takes a voter one second to interpret how they feel about a senatorial candidate – based solely on their facial expression.


Imagine if you only had ONE second to sell your business!


While that may feel like you only received half a pancake when you ordered a tall stack, you can leverage that one second. You can make your message count by positioning yourself with confidence – not just in your product, but in you. We partner with those in whom we believe.


Want more proof? Cuddy suggests that a “power pose” – standing with confidence – can affect hormonal levels in the brain that might lead to success.


That sure lures me toward a communications vehicle that makes it possible for me to stand with conviction and convert my viewers to customers.


Video. More powerful than pancakes. Just don’t let them hear you say that at Denny’s.

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