Wedding Story

About a year ago, a very dear friend of mine invited me over for dinner at her home in Portland. Her boyfriend was at New Seasons Market picking up delicious provisions for our meal that evening, and she decided his temporary absence marked the perfect time to tell me something huge.


She asked me to take a seat on the couch and grab my wine glass, because the news she had was allegedly monumental. I braced myself for something potentially very grave or catastrophic.


“Holly,” she said incredulously, her eyes widening in disbelief, “there’s an engagement ring in my coat closet.”


Yes, she had been organizing said closet during a routine house clean and discovered the interloper next to a bag of forgotten golf clubs.


Now this was a welcome surprise, and one that she had anticipated was just around the corner! But the method in which she revealed it was hilarious. I’ll never forget how tightly we hugged. It’s like….our whole female lives we spend imagining what it will feel like to be presented with, and I quote JRR Tolkien, “the one ring to rule them all.” And here hers was nestled amongst some dusty nine irons.


I digress from my point. Although I was undoubtedly invited to stand in the wedding, circumstances prevented me from making it to Los Angeles to watch my dearest friend walk down the aisle into the arms of an incredibly deserving man. I missed a whole lot of other precious moments, too. I missed seeing her embrace her mom, who is dying of cancer. I missed that chance to feel impossible, unconditional, overwhelming joy  – that pure, unadulterated expression that transcends sickness, or anger, or years of disconnection. I missed the toast, which I was actually supposed to tearfully deliver after one too many glasses of the bubbly. I missed the pictures everyone secretly dreads, but treasures long after their edges have faded and become jaundiced with time.


I wish I had something to watch. I wish, that when I found myself thinking life can’t possibly get worse, I had something visual to restore my faith in connection and serendipity and happenstance. That’s what makes the magic of love. When you least expect it, there it is.


Luckily, I represent a company that can create a lasting memory. Wedding video is timeless; much like love, it does not fade.


With affordable packages and a pledge to deliver high definition quality footage, we guarantee your video will be around for generations to come.


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