Your Cat Wants You To Use Professional Video

(no really, she does).

Before you assume this a blog featuring the ubiquitous cat video, please give me a chance to dispell that hasty speculation. Yes, the title has “cat” in it. Yes, I will discuss cats briefly. However, there will be no feature presentation of a cat endearingly fighting with its reflection, nor a kitten eating furiously to the tune of, “nom nom nom nom.” There won’t even be an adorable, round-cheeked mini hamster nibbling at a broccoli floret.


My boyfriend and I have a cat. She is a sassy calico with an attitude all her own. I don’t know how many of you are cat owners, but if you are, you’ll understand cats do their own thing. They prance to the beat of their own drum, and they don’t give a rip.

Especially our cat.

See, she likes to sneak into our bedroom at the wee hours of the morning and spend many long, drawn out, fairly creepy moments contemplating her next step. Her ghostly form hovers in the doorway as she considers the merits of leaping onto one of our heads, causing our dreamlike, “Is that Murray over there?” state to be launched into abrupt reality.

I’ve often wondered what precipitates her decision to squish us under her bulk. Is she bored? Is it funny to her? Does she secretly loathe us and plot our demise by suffocation? Is it a display of dominance? Whatever the cause may be, her actions certainly grasp my attention.

I apply this concept directly to corporate video, and how visual media can grasp the attention of your target consumer.

Consider it like this: much like my calico compadre, your customer is hovering in the doorway to your business. Or maybe they’re browsing your website, familiarizing themselves with the landscape of what you do. But they’re hesitant. They’re not ready to take the leap. They need more information – they need to feel connected.

Video connects. It invites them in. One minute of video contains the same amount of material as 1.8 million words. That’s a LOT of words! Think of how much you could say to a potential client using 1.8 million little words. You’d lose them after the first twenty.

Now think about that potential customer, hovering in front of you, trying to determine if shaking your hand is the next step. What if you could introduce yourself before you physically appear before them? Wouldn’t you want your virtual introduction to be professional?

When you hire a professional videographer, you get just that. Professionalism. You hire talent that paints you in that communicative, responsive and integrated light that your business deserves ; quite frankly, that it needs. You convey a brilliant, high-defintion message that communicates trust, integrity, passion – maybe even a little bit of humor. You differentiate yourself from the competition because you take the time to do it right. No selfie videos here. You invest because you want people to invest in you: in your message, in your passion, in your life’s work.

So consider us. Invite us in. We guarantee you’ll like what you see, and love what we produce.

And be prepared to have a LOT of cats landing on your head.

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